Map of the gorge

Time: 6:00h

Ascent: 3:15h
Descent: 2:45h


Elevation difference: 760m

Steepness 4/5
Obstacles 3/5
Length 4/5

Discovered for by Průzkumníklára.

Trail description

The route starts identically as the gorge “Klepáčský Brook with Bunkers and Falls”, or there is also an option to walk up along an asphalt road. Once the asphalt road running parallelly to the creek bed ends and the creek splits, continue right through Deer creek.

Deer Creek rises on the western slope of Keprník mountain. The permanent bed of the stream is made of orthorhombic rock. Deer Creek has a large drop and is formed by many cascades and waterfalls for the next 300m.

Below the Deer Fall itself, the path is very difficult as the bed is clogged with debris and fallen logs, after which the Deer creek calms down. After about 200 metres we can discover another interesting cascade over 4m high. From this cascade continue upwards until you reach the falls themselves.

The first significant waterfall is above the footbridge, which is on the path from the Deer Hut. The height of the waterfall is about 4.5 metres and 25 litres of water flow through it per second. Below this waterfall, an overhang has formed with a depth of almost one metre. After a few metres, the rocks rise and bring another waterfall, this time 3 metres high, below which there is a cascade one metre high. This is followed by a stepped system about 25 metres long, which is followed by the main part of the Deer Falls, which is itself composed of two parts. The upper part consists of an almost perfectly straight broken block of rock, the falling water forming a perfect parabola. The height of the fall is about 5 metres and the flow rate is about 40 litres per second. This is followed by a plateau that transitions into the lower part of the falls. The left arm drops down from the plateau and the height of the waterfall is about 5 m. The right arm is 7 m high and then joins the left arm to form another lower waterfall. The height of the lower waterfalls is thus something like 9 metres. The waterfall together measures over 17 metres, making it one of the highest waterfalls in the Czech Republic.


There is no harm in having a change of clothes and spare shoes, the rocks are slippery and you can easily slip into the water. It is also advisable to pack some snacks, the route is long and not suitable for smaller children.