One of the foreigners who has been living in my hometown Vsetín for a few months once said that he totally didn’t understand what we were doing at the weekend. Why, when it’s Friday afternoon, we put on our backpacks and head out into the countryside instead of shopping, evening life and weekend lounging. Yes, Wallachia is full of active people, even for many of us, our love of nature is the reason why we love living here. That is why I have no doubt that many of you know other beautiful gorges, or would like to start discovering them, and get involved in developing Rokling.

RRokling is opened to everyone and conditions for adding a new gorge are very simple. Also, Rokling is not limited to the Czech Republic, so you can feel free to add gorges from your country, too.

All you need to do is walk through the gorge, take 4 photos and provide basic information. After simple verification of all the information we can add your gorge to the list of gorges and we will be happy to publish you as the author.

To create the map of the trail we use the app. You find the gorge on the map and with the tool of measuring the distance you click on a few points and thereby create the trail. Then you just copy the link to the trail.

Send us the link with the rest of the information via a form below or via e-mail.

Join us!

Suggestions for new gorges
Webmaster creator

„I would like to see rokling become a solid choice to spend time with children in nature and experience adventure. And I would consider it a nice bonus to create a rokling community sharing common experiences and newly discovered gorges.“

Petr Hurta