Map of the gorge


Time: 2:35h

Ascent: 1:45h
Descent: 0:50h


Elevation difference: 130m

Steepness 2/5
Obstacles 2/5
Length 2/5

Discovered for by Gandalf.

Trail description

The beauty of Wallachia can also be found in the settlements of Lušová, Peciválka and the adjacent hills. Our route starts at the parking lot next to Villa Anna. An asphalt road heads northwards and after less than 400 metres it takes us to a crossroads. A left turn leads down to the stream, the other is the way we will come back in the end.

The start of the stream is open and a pleasant walk. The natural stone-paved bed often forms dams that have given rise to small lakes that cascade across the gorge. Looking around, one can see the forests where not only the same old spruce grows, but all age groups of deciduous trees, too. They are home to, for example, the white-backed woodpecker or the little flycatcher.

Plants are abundant here in the form of hemp-agrimony, wood ragwort or the common curly thistle. Edible mushrooms also grow in the vicinity at the right time.

The stream is easily passable along its entire length. Nothing but a single fallen tree will get in the way. That is, except for one stretch when the creek narrows and branches push into the space in front of you.

Later, the stream forks into several other tributaries. Following the main stream will take you to a path that turns right and left, you have the choice of either continuing further up where you will find a stone pipe from which the source of the stream emerges, or you can join the path heading back down. Right or left – it doesn’t matter which you choose – both lead back to the fork that was at the start of the route.


On the way back there is a stretch of tall grass and sparse plants with thorns, so it’s best to think of a backup option of long pants.

Villa Anna is a resort situated below a set of gorges that are well worth exploring.