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Valašská Senice
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Possible place of refreshment: Antarik Mountain Chalet (vegetarian menu only)

Time: 4:05h

Ascent: 2:05h
Descent: 2:00h


Elevation difference: 410m

Steepness 2/5
Obstacles 2/5
Length 3/5

Discovered for by Průzkumníklára.

Trail description

The route starts at the terminal bus stop “Valašská Senice, konečná”. Continue along the asphalt road for about 800 m until you reach the Chladná studánka spring where you can refresh yourself. There is also a seating area. From the Chladná studánka, continue for about 1.1km before you reach a crossing of an asphalt road with a forest road, enter the stream bed here and continue along it. The stream is made up of meanders and occasional swamps, mind your step! The gorge is not too difficult, the banks covered with horsetails and ferns give the gorge a fairytale feel.

The higher the stream winds, the rockier the gorge becomes. In places the stream flows over rocky slabs and you can see how much the water has already washed away over the years. The occasional pools and small waterfalls are truly magical in places.

Be careful of logging though, the gorge is very muddy in places and full of fallen trees. Just before the peak where the spring is, you can refresh yourself at the Gořalkovica natural well. Its name means “hard-liquor” in Czech, but unfortunately, its name is slightly misleading, it offers only water.

From the Senice spring, follow the forest path to the red ridge. From there you can choose – either you go up to Valašská Kyčera Hill or you can return back. The descending route leads over the Makyta peak, which is considered one of the most beautiful peaks of the Javorníky Mountains and is located in the nature reserve of the same name.

If you are attentive, you may also see the tracks of large beasts such as the lynx, wild cat, wolf or bear, or hear some of the endangered rare birds that nest around Makyta. From the top, follow the blue hiking trail to Chmelinec, from there join the yellow hiking trail which will take you to the initial bus stop.


The Makyta peak is truly interesting, not only because of the animals and endangered birds but also because of rare saffron flowers which bloom there in March and April.

To refresh yourself you can take a break at Antarik Mountain Chalet.