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Javořinský potok, Bílá
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Possible place of refreshment: Self-service mountain restaurant Domovjanka

Time: 3:00h

Ascent: 2:20h
Descent: 0:40h


Elevation difference: 220m

Steepness 2/5
Obstacles 2/5
Length 2/5

Discovered for by Gandalf.

Trail description

The trail starts at the nearest parking lot, which is just below the local wildlife preserve. Head south on the Cyril and Methodius Trail, and after less than a kilometre, follow the river course by turning left.

After a few metres you will come across a small gully flowing into the Smradlava River – the Javořinský stream is approximately 1.2km long and is therefore suitable for families with children. It is smaller in size and is bordered along its entire length by a forest path, which slightly deviates from the stream after a while. The gorge offers a view of various moss-covered stone structures that multiply the feeling of an already clean environment.

The surrounding forest is mostly coniferous. However, its monotony is broken by the greenery that grows luxuriantly around the stream. There are many uprooted stumps with massive roots. Fallen tree trunks cross the stream from time to time, but it is rarely difficult to avoid them. The surrounding countryside most often boasts its abundance of burdock and fern, but it also reveals a few colourful plants. Passing through the gorge you may come across amphibians and other animals (frogs, snakes, deer).

Towards the end of the gorge, you will find a treat in the form of a horsetail forest, which is worth seeing. If you haven’t had enough and want to see more, take the path up to the panoramic peak Zbojnická (774 m).

There are several options for the descent. You can use the path that describes the flow of the Javořinský brook, or you can choose a pleasant path through the village of Gašky, which leads directly to the parking lot.


After a long walk, we recommend eating in the self-service restaurant Domovjanka, which is in the centre of Bílá by the road on the right side. Opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:00.

In the winter months, the Bílá Ski Resort is open nearby.

A map or a phone with GPS is useful for the paths, which are not always colour-coded in these places.