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Velký Újezd / Chorušice / Živonín
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Time: 3:00h

Ascent: 1:30h
Descent: 1:30h


Elevation difference: 40m

Steepness 5/5
Obstacles 5/5
Length 4/5

Discovered for by Igor Slouka.

Popis trasy

The wild abandoned gorge Kněžháj is accessible from the village Velký Újezd (from there it is 1.2km to the lower beginning of the gorge), or also from the villages Chorušice (4km), Živonín (3km) or from the road junction between Velký Újezd and Nebužely (60 to the upper end).

The gorge begins at the junction of five carriage roads 1.2km south of Velký Újezd. There is also a hunting high-seat there. It runs about 700m in a west-northwest direction, then forks, we continue in a north-northwest direction for another 1km to the Nebužely-Mšeno road.

At first we follow a road, but it starts to climb and ends in a meadow overgrown with nettles. Just before the climb and the end of this road, turn left along an inconspicuous path, the “mouse hole”, and follow the left side of the valley. In places, a noticeable path or former creek bed will lead us through the valley, which is good for people who want to do a lot of climbing, crossing, hopping, crawling, and similar gymnastics that involve your arms and exercise your back; there are a lot of fallen trees.

We come to the first rock bench (former waterfall), which is relatively easy to climb. After a while, we come to the second rock bench with a big puddle; this one might give us a hard time, using all four limbs. Right after it comes a third, small and narrow rock bench. Then the gorge is gentler, followed by two small rock steps and one clay bench. About 60m before the end of the gorge (before the road), leave the gorge by a path to the right, into a field. After the experience of leaving the wilderness behind, we are relieved to arrive at the edge of the field to civilization (road, cars).


I recommend this beautiful five-kilometre access route to the start of the gorge: From Živonín 1km east into the valley, 1km going northeast through the valley, then 3km northwest through Chorušický and Husův důl.

I recommend this gorge from late autumn to early spring, over the summer there are some sections nettles 3m high. However, it can be wet and muddy in places.

Also be careful of the wood – make sure it is not in danger of falling or breaking (being unstable, rotten, etc.).