Map of the gorge

Time: 2:45h

Ascent: 2:00h
Descent: 0:45h


Elevation difference: 50m

Steepness 1/5
Obstacles 2/5
Length 4/5

Discovered for by Kateřina Božková and Igor Slouka.

Trail description

The beginning of the route is below the hill that leads to the rock formation Pokličky (=meaning ”The Pot Lids”). The way up the hill is by wooden stairs. The rest of the terrain is downhill, along forest paths. You follow the hiking trails – starting on the blue one, at the rock formation Obří hlava a žába (=”Giant Head and a Frog”) you go to the yellow one, and at Faraon (=”Pharaoh”) you go to the green one taking you go through Náckova rokle (=”Nazi’s Gorge”). At the signpost “Náckova rokle”, swich from the green hiking trail back to the blue trail again. In this section of the trail is the Apatyka Gorge.

HINT: The Apatyka Gorge can be reached by following the blue hiking trail in the opposite direction through the Močidla Gorge. This route is shorter and suitable for barefoot hiking. More information about barefoot hiking can be found at 👣


The whole trail is a nice path, only one section is soaked almost all year round, so I definitely recommend good footwear. As this is a trail on hiking trails, you should expect that in the summer season there is no shortage of encounters with other hikers. Parking is available in the paid parking lot below the Pokličky rock formation.