Map of the gorge

Time: 3:00h

Ascent: 2:00h
Descent: 1:00h


Elevation difference: 185m

Steepness 3/5
Obstacles 5/5
Length 3/5

Trail description

Lázky is a marginal part of Vsetín. Parking there might be a bit complicated, but you can use an area by a footbridge over the Bečva River. Then follow a footpath on the right bank of the Bečva River upstream and cross perpendicularly into the gorge. This gorge starts immediately and a change of scenery occurs after a few metres. You will find yourself in a gorge full of obstacles and difficult places to cross. This gorge literally lives up to the slogan of Rokling: “Adventure right around the corner”. This gorge is also heavily littered with trash and out of all routes this one is probably the biggest opportunity for a cleanup. The ascend ends on Čup peak with a view of the Jasenka valley.

The ideal descent route is right along the ridge following a red hiking trail where you can enjoy nice view of Vsetín. Once you hit an asphalt road to Hrbová turn right (on the map to a blue dashed marker) and go to Ohýřov and then left straight down to the starting point in Lázky.


This gorge is difficult and therefore it is not a suitable trip for small children.