Map of the gorge

Time: 1:30h

Ascent: 1:00h
Descent: 0:30h


Elevation difference: 150m

Steepness 1/5
Obstacles 3/5
Length 1/5

Discovered for by Michal Petřek.

Trail description

The car can be parked near the bus stop. The beginning of the trail is quite overgrown with thickets, so I recommend going around from the left side. Then the whole gorge is nicely accessible up to the source.

On the way back, I recommend going down to the forest path as shown on the map. There is a game preserve there with cows, sheep, and curious goats. Have a wonderful experience! 🙂


You may meet a salamander along the way, so be careful where you step. There are also plenty of imprints from wild pigs, which like this gorge, too. 🙂