Map of the gorge

Time: 2:00h

Ascent: 1:30h
Descent: 0:30h


Elevation difference: 210m

Steepness 1/5
Obstacles 4/5
Length 1/5

Discovered for by Magda Husová.

Trail description

An interesting urban gorge full of obstacles in the form of beautiful trees starts right at the school in Vsetín – Luh. You can park at Svornosti Street or take public transport to the Luh II stop. For the first 800 m the route follows an asphalt road. Before the last houses in the valley turn slightly to the right onto a forest path, from which you will descend into the gorge 50m after the last house. The map does not show a stream, but it is there.

The gorge then climbs up to a ridge with a nice view of the typical Wallachian landscape. In the place of a goat farm, turn left until you reach a descending path.

The descending route follows a forest path along the side ridge to Hanžlov, from Hanžlov steeply into the valley on an asphalt road and then back through the valley to the starting point.


This gorge is suitable for a trip with smaller children, it is short and there is still a lot to discover and climb over. You can also choose to turn right on the ridge and follow a forest path down into the valley of Velký Skalník, and explore Valova Skála Rock, which is unmissable on the left as you descend into the valley.