Map of the gorge


Nový Hrozenkov, Vranča
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Possible place of refreshment:
Horský hotel Portáš

Time: 3:30h

Ascent: 2:45h
Descent: 0:45h


Elevation difference: 320m

Steepness 4/5
Obstacles 1/5
Length 3/5

Trail description

The gorge starts near a parking lot in the end of the Vranča valley in Nový Hrozenkov village. It is a renowned place for all true Wallachians and sportsmen because it is a point of departure to Kohútka and Portáš, famous peaks with hotels that are part of the Javorníky ridge. In the very beginning of the gorge there is an interesting stone bridge. The Vranča brook is abundant, rocky and brisk and therefore forms a series of cascades ending in a steep slope with the spring located near the Portáš Mountain Hotel where you can refresh yourself.

The descent route follows the blue tourist trail back to the car park.


If you are going with your children, bring extra shoes and clothes. Some jumps across the abundant brook might not be successful. 🙂